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For over 35 years, nielsen has been processing and refining light metal to the highest perfection and is today the market leader in the field of aluminium frame profiles.

The nielsen range offers countless design possibilities, there are no limits to creativity. 

Aluminium frames are simple and discreet - and yet set accents. Share with us the enthusiasm for an extraordinary material.

The enormous range of colours, forms and surfaces offers you an inexhaustible potential for simple picture production.

nielsen profile 56 aluminium profile

>> Be inspired by the beauty and simplicity of an exceptional material. <<

aluminium moulding in interior design projects


Because of its simple and linear form, nielsen aluminium profiles are the ideal frame for the purest of picture presentation. 

Not only a perfect material for picture framing, but aluminium is also used in various areas of the construction industry and interior design. You may see aluminium used for both indoor and outdoors purposes, such as guide rails, as edge protectors and stair edge covers, or as frame constructions and reinforcing elements. Due to the special properties of aluminium, L-profiles can be installed quickly and easily, and are very resilient and weather-resistant.


Choose angle profiles directly from the manufacturer - Nielsen quality made in Germany.


Aluminium, a silvery-white light metal, mined in the form of bauxite. Unlike other materials, it combines two advantages: it is both strong and lightweight.


Aluminium is one of the most important metals for automotive and aircraft construction, electrical engineering....and for nielsen frame profiles. With our unparalleled expertise with surfaces, nielsen brings out all the beauty of this high-tech metal. 

nielsen aluminium made in germany
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