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Mountboard is an important design element in picture framing. It protects the picture and emphasises the picture's message.

A mount gives the picture room to breathe, it brings out the colours in the picture, and can ultimately change the effect by bringing the picture to the foreground. 

By trying different types of mountboard - colour combinations, size and positioning - transform your subject and give it the character you desire!

nielsen Conservation mountboard

>> Be inspired by the beauty and simplicity of an exceptional material. <<

nielsen pre-cut mounts FSC Certifies


nielsen Conservation mountboard combines design and technology to bring museum conservation quality to you artwork

Manufactured with a quality of paper that is neutral pH (lignin-free and acid-free) and resistant to ageing according to the DIN ISO 9706 standard, guaranteeing protection of your framed subject. 

The nielsen Conservation range offers a palette of timeless colours, including many shades of white, cream, grey and black, and the surface paper coloured with natural pigments. 

Available in two sizes, 81x122cm and 101x152cm, and two thicknesses , standard 1.5mm and the increasingly popular extra thick 2.2mm, offering creative choices and maximum yield.

Sustainably sourced and FSC® Certified (licence code: C129470).


  • 100% alpha cellulose buffered with 3% calcium carbonate

  • ageing resistant according to DIN ISO 9706

  • pH neutral (acid-free) - lignin-free

  • surface papers are dyed with pigments - colour fastness.

  • core material made of MSK Natur, through-dyed core remains permanently white or black

  • clear assortment of strong selling colours (white, grey, black)

  • small packaging units of 5 sheets per item. Singles are available at a small pick charge

Conservation mountboard
nielsen artcare mountboard


Artcare mountboard is patented and are the only mountboard that actively protect images from today’s threats. Threats can include indoor and outdoor air pollution, cleaning products, and even by-products from the image’s own natural aging.

Why do you need such technology?

Well, a traditional mountboard is subject to atmospheric pollution, the acids present in paper and wood cause bleaching and ageing.  Over time, these harmful gases cause art and photos to fade, yellow, or even deteriorate. We’ve all seen this happen, but now there’s a way to prevent the ageing process of your treasured artwork!

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