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Nielsen Design GmbH on course for expansion

We are currently investing heavily in the expansion of our production facility in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany.

An additional 2,300 m² production hall is being built for the construction of new production facilities. The new production facilities involve the expansion of the existing anodizing plant and the construction of a new, larger extrusion press for aluminium profiles.

"Due to the strong growth in recent years, we have reached our capacity limits," say our managing directors Richard Niemann and Andreas Montag.

With the help of this major investment, we are not only accelerating our further development and that of our subsidiaries in France (Nielsen Design France) and England (Nielsen Design Limited), but also strengthening them. This is because opening up new markets worldwide will be made a lot easier, thus securing the future development of the company.

We are positively facing the future!


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