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Brand "nielsen" on social media

Stay Up-To-Date and get inspired!

In the past weeks, we have prepared a lot of great new content and are looking forward to sharing it with you from now on! You can expect product updates, inspiring decoration ideas or DIY instructions. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest...

Social networks are already very popular and are also becoming increasingly important for companies. Accounts on Facebook, Instagram and the like are now considered a digital business card - if you don't have one, you don't exist.

We will also be actively present on social networks with our "nielsen" brand from November 2021 onwards. Content (text, images and videos) about our great products will be uploaded regularly to inspire our customers and inform them about our product variety. nielsen (UK) will be represented on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Everyone is invited to follow and share our posts. Click on the following link or search for the name @nielsen__uk.

>> Discover nielsen on social media <<

Our standard hashtags for English-speaking countries:

nielsen Social Media International:

The Germany and France InterCompanies can be found at @nielsen__de and @nielsen__fr.


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